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Tim Krueger

Cyber security professional







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Every company, every girl, every man, every seed has a story. Me too.
Here are some informations about me and I hope you will get and catch the information you are searching for.
My name is Tim i'm glad to be 20 years old and since i can use a computer I
was overridden what computers can do. How far they can reach.
In the eight grade I completed my first course (HTML) and since that I never stopped to create something with my computer. In the tenth grade, we had a  computer basic course and me and my friends reached what our members only dreamed of.
Since i've got my graduation I also made a master Certification with the programming language C#.


 july 2015 - july 2016 

 january 2016 - march 2016 

 july 2020 - may 2021 

 Oktober 2022 -  Present 

My first touch. 

2015 I started with my first school course about webdesign and  create webpages with HTML. 

After my "First touch" with IT I in my free time it wasn't enough. 

I began to create my own scripts to hide folders and open them  with own created scripts that ask you an identification and  password. After that we have to graduate a web certification 

about "Security in the internet" in school.

After a long chapter in my life that was filled with create scripts  and menus. Ive decided to go deeper into the development.

I began to create own applications like a password manager and  some software to overview my finances. That were also my first  "real" programms  that reached my personal goal to write a code  that reaches the mount of 1000 lines of Code. The result was that I 

get my first Certification by my own in may 2021. 

I've found my dream! 2021 I had a big accident that showed me  how fast we could past away. Since that I'm on the way to change  my whole life drastic. My wish to do something is now something  that I have to achieve. Achieve to get an Cyber security specialist.  Achive to get important in the world of somebody. Thats my goal,  my target, my future. Nevermind how much the costs rise, I'm  convinced to get a professional. I started to Study "Introduction  into Cybersecurity", and prepared for the CompTIA Network+  Exam. 


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