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Image by Joan Gamell

Project "Help-Desk"

Project "Help-Desk" with our ID "011" will be an application that solve the problems of distributed work place. Long story short: having to much informations in to many devices and/or places. This project will be designed to act faster & more effective in your work or private enviroment. The main, maybe only the first design, will be shown in a comfortable way like your desk.

It includes features like adding notes that are also synced with the calender. The app will be also equipped with an "Archive" which should include patterns to create and manage your own projects.

Today Im glad to present you the "Main plan" that is VERY short, the "Mind-Map" which defines every part of the main plan exactly and how it can be realized and last but not least the finances which includes nothing. Only ideas that contain how we could create the application that could interacct with other devices.

If you want to see more go to the "Center/Projects" area and look if the side with the title project "Help-Desk" is already online. If not have some patience. It will come soon.

For the first view here is the "Main plan":


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