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Image by Joan Gamell

Conclusion 1.1 (In advance)

I present you the conclusion about the book "IT-Handbuch für Fachinformatiker*innen-Der Ausbildungsbegleiter" from Sascha Kersken published from the Rheinwerk computing publishing company. It is the 10th version of the book. You can translate the title with "IT-Handbook for computer scientists".

It is a project by my own and the goal of that project is to learn. To catch the most important knowledge and wisdome and try it to implement it into mine.

What I'm trying to say is that the main task of the "conclusion" is not to conclute the whole content of the book. The maintask is to understand & reproduce the content of the book.

What you get are my notes about the book and my answers for the questions (and the questions too) that is written in it. To be safe that I realy understood the context I decided to translate the whole notes and solutions into english, which isn't my native language. To write a conclusion like in school is not my target.

But I'll write everything in a flow so that you can understand the meanings & backgrounds.

Why am I posting that ? Maybe some of you can learn something too. I thought it could be interesting and you can ask some questions. It would do me a favour if you put them in the comment sector below. So we can research, explain, correct or discuss that together.

Disclaimer: Some of the topics are only relevant in my region like the education for some jobs. I'll do my best to take them out of the post or mark them for you.

I'll hope you enjoy the whole project as much as I do.

Your Tim.


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